How Much Does It Cost To Paint A 12×12 Room In Dubai

Understanding Interior Painting Costs

Typical Interior Painting

When it comes to painting interiors, the cost typically ranges between AED 10 and 20 per square meter. This estimate covers communal areas, corridors, and individual bedrooms.

Calculating Exterior Painting Costs

Due to weather exposure and potentially larger areas, exterior painting tends to be pricier, ranging from AED 15-25 per square meter.

Whole House Painting Considerations

Size and Intricacy

The cost of repainting an entire home varies depending on its size and intricacy. For instance, an enormous villa could cost AED 3500 or more, while a studio apartment might range from AED 550 to 650.

HOW MUCH DOES IT COST TO PAINT A 12X12 ROOM in Dubai: A Guide by Expert Painter Dubai

Commercial Painting: Enhancing Your Business Image

Office Painting

Office painting costs typically range from AED 12 to AED 25 per square meter, influenced by factors like size and intricacy.

Retail Store Painting

Retail spaces often require specialized finishes and branding considerations, which can raise costs to AED 15-30 per square meter.

Adding Unique Touches with Specialized Painting

Decorative Painting

Intricate designs and personalized canvases can elevate costs to AED 50 per square meter or more, depending on complexity.

Texture Painting

Adding texture to surfaces can range from AED 15–25 per square meter for simple designs to AED 30-45 per square meter for intricate patterns.

When considering painting projects, it’s essential to account for various factors that can influence costs. Whether it’s for interior or exterior painting or commercial or residential spaces, understanding these nuances can help you plan your budget effectively.


Painting a room or a building is not just about aesthetics; it’s an investment in maintaining and enhancing property value. By understanding the factors influencing painting costs and considering your specific needs, you can make informed decisions to achieve the desired outcome within your budget.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How do I calculate the square footage of a room for painting?

To calculate the square footage, measure the length and width of each wall, then multiply the dimensions. Add up all wall areas for the total room area to be painted.

What factors can affect the cost of painting a room?

Factors include room size, paint job complexity, chosen paint types and finishes, wall condition, and location.

Should I choose a professional painter or do it myself?

The decision depends on budget, timeline, and expertise. Professionals ensure quality but come at a higher cost, while DIY saves money but requires time and effort.

Are there additional costs to consider for a painting project?

Yes, including paint and materials, labor costs, repairs, preparation work, and extras like primer or specialty finishes.

How can I ensure the best value for my painting project?

Obtain multiple quotes, review scopes of work and included services, and consider quality, experience, and customer reviews.

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